Pigmented Birthmarks Removal

About Pigmented Birthmarks

Pigmented birthmarks, also called coffee-and-cream (cafe-au-lait) birthmarks, are patches of skin with high concentrations of pigmentation. These types of birthmarks may also be removed or lightened with laser treatment.

While most birthmarks carry no increased medical risks, others may be associated with increased risks of Glaucoma, seizures and/or melanoma skin cancer.


Becker’s nevus is a condition where a patch of pigmented skin appears, often in later childhood and early adulthood. The patch is often located on the trunk and is also often associated with excess hair growth within the pigmented patch of skin. These pigmented hairy patches can be improved with multiple laser treatments. 


Epidermal nevus is a condition that appears at birth as a patch of slightly rough, yellow-colored skin. As a patient matures, the surface becomes warty in appearance. This condition can be treated with lasers.

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