PicoFacial™ Treatment at Gateway Aesthetic

ThermiVA Salt Lake City PicoFacial is a skin treatment procedure performed with  a new type of laser using short, trillioneth-of-a-second pulses of both invisible (infrared) and colored (red and green) light. A PicoFacial is a quick, safe and simple procedure that is less painful than an IPL treatment. The PicoFacial is performed as a quick in-and-out  procedure with no down time.

PicoFacials are especially good for improving skin’s texture and tone including fine wrinkles, small flat pigmented moles, freckles, age spots, and melasma. Sunblock and makeup can be worn immediately following the procedure. This is the perfect procedure for someone who is busy, always on the run, with no option for down time.

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