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About Male and Female Rejuvenation


Vaginal tightening is a new and popular treatment that uses laser and/or radiofrequency energy (Fotona G-Runner and ThermiVa) to heat-shrink and tighten the vaginal mucosa. The treatment is not only helpful to women with stress incontinence (urinating when exercising, coughing, or sneezing), but it also increases pelvic support and sensitivity during sexual intercourse. It is a simple, quick, and comfortable procedure performed with minimal or no downtime.

What are the symptoms of Vaginal Laxity?

• Stress incontinence: losing urine when sneezing, coughing or exercising.
• Decreased sensation during sexual intercourse.
• Decreased support for the pelvis causing the uterus and cervix to sag.
• Decreased lubrication.
• Skin shrinkage and painful intercourse.
• Laxity of the labia becoming unsightly.

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What are the benefits of laser and radiofrequency tightening of the vagina?

Treatment of the vagina with laser or radiofrequency can help all of these conditions. Extensive studies have been performed and published in the medical literature showing improvement in all of these conditions with a series of simple treatments with minimal or no discomfort or down time.

How does Fotona Laser and ThermiVA treatment improve the health and tightness, health, lubrication and sensation of the vagina?

Both laser and radiofrequency heats the vaginal wall to stimulate collagen crosslinking and tightening of the collagen in the vaginal wall. In addition, these treatments stimulate a rejuvenation in the glands that increase vaginal lubrication, circulation and sensitivity.

How are the treatments performed?

Both Fotona Laser and ThermiVA treatments are performed as a series of treatments (usually about 3) spaced about one month apart. Treatments are comfortable, take 20 to 45 minutes per treatment session, and do not require hospitalization, anesthesia or down time. These treatments can be performed during a lunch hour and the patient may return immediately to work or other activities. Minimal discharge in some women may require the wearing of a sanitary pad and avoiding sex for a day or two following the laser treatment.

At Gateway, we also have the option to combine umbilical cord stem cell treatment with vaginal rejuvenation. Call for details.

How do I prepare for treatment?

It is required that women who want to have treatment have a current gynecological exam within one year of having treatment. This is to check for the general health of the vagina and to screen for any abnormal condition including infection or caner.

Results: Fotona Laser and ThermiVA radiofrequency treatment of the vagina have an extremely high satisfaction rates, from both the patient and the partner. Give us a call today at 801-595-1600 to schedule a consultation.

“O” Shot (Orgasm Shot)

The “O” shot is a procedure where PRP (platelet rich plasma) from the patient’s blood is injected into the G-spot and other areas around the clitoris to increase sensitivity during sexual intercourse. This treatment may be combined on the same day with a vaginal tightening procedure.

For information regarding Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell Tissue (MSCT), please speak with one of our medical providers.

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“P” Shot (Penis Shot)

PRP (platelet rich plasma) is injected into the penile shaft to increase size, firmness, and sensitivity during sexual intercourse. ZWave (acoustic wave therapy), laser, or a penis pump may further enhance the results.

For information regarding Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell Tissue (MSCT), please speak with one of our medical providers.

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