Fraxel Treatment

Fraxel Treatment or Ablative Fractional Laser treatments (where lasers treat just a fraction of the skin’s surface), represent the latest technological advancement in cosmetic laser surgery. Such treatments have been extremely successful at improving skin texture, tightening loose skin, minimizing scars, and reducing uneven pigmentation. Specifically, there are two types of ablative lasers: Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ) and Erbium YAG.

What’s the difference?

CO2 lasers create more heat in the skin during treatment. The light and heat help tighten the skin by producing millions of small laser holes. As the skin heals, it tightens and texture improves. (It’s almost like micro-aeration of skin, similar to aerating your lawn. Ablative lasers actually remove microscopic tubules of skin, while leaving the surrounding area untreated, thereby allowing the skin to heal more quickly.) This treatment is ideal for patients with sagging, wrinkled and severely scarred skin. It’s also used to tighten stretch marks on the stomach and smooth crêpe-like skin (sometimes called chicken-skin) on the neck and chest.  

Erbium YAG lasers offer less aggressive treatments than their CO2 counterparts. The Erbium YAG laser also produces millions of small holes in the skin, but with less heat. As a result, there is generally less redness and faster healing, but with not as much tightening of the skin. Erbium YAG treatments work well for less severe wrinkles, scars and other skin texture abnormalities. However, they may not produce as dramatic of a result in someone with severe scars or severely aged and wrinkled skin.

At the Gateway Aesthetic Institute, we offer both types of treatment. For ablative fractional laser treatments (CO2 ), we use the Fraxel Repair Laser. We believe it to be the finest such laser in the cosmetic industry today.

For less aggressive treatments (and patients who require faster healing), we also use the Erbium YAG laser.

If you’re unsure which treatment is best (and with so many options, we certainly understand), we recommend you come in for a consultation. In the comfort of our private office, we can discuss your goals in person and determine which treatment is perfect for you.

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