Acne Scar and Scar Treatment at Gateway Aesthetic


For many, scars represent an unpleasant reminder of a past accident, surgery, illness, or skin disorder. While some attempt to hide their scars with makeup, others simply live with the constant annoyance and vivid reminder—every time they look in a mirror. In the past, treatment options have been limited. With today’s technology, however, the situation has changed. Laser treatments (often coupled with other methods), can smooth, fill, soften and fade unsightly scars making them less noticeable.


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● Acne Scars

Learn more about Dr. Taylor’s one-and-done approach to the treatment of acne scars! A combination treatment of a chemical peel, subcision, and laser that gives patient’s outstanding results!

● Scar Treatments

Depending on the type and location of the scar or scars, there are various treatments options; from lasers to injectable medications or with the use of fillers—we can help!