Breast Augmentation Enhancement, Salt Lake City, Utah

Breast Augmentation at the Gateway Aesthetic Institute

For Breast Augmentation in Salt Lake City, Utah, Women Love Gateway Aesthetic

For women who desire more breast fullness, a breast augmentation (also called breast enhancement) is a terrific choice. It will not only improve your image, it can boost your self-esteem. This plastic surgery procedure remains one of the most popular and common procedures in the country.

Breast enlargement can enhance breast volume in women who have a naturally small cup size or who have lost volume after childbearing or weight loss. Breast implants can also be used for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

The implant used during breast augmentation surgery—either saline or pre-filled silicone—is placed either below the muscle or behind the breast tissue.

Healing from breast augmentation surgery takes approximately 2 weeks, but some degree of swelling may persist for up to 4 weeks after the plastic surgery procedure. The incision, which can be made under the breast, in the armpit or around the areola, ultimately fades over a the course of a year.

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